November 11, 2016 | Category: News

There is something exciting happening in Reno, one of our own is launching a Kickstarter campaign! Reno local Bill Atalla has invented an innovative product designed to create storage space by using the area behind your doors.

Storage space is an issue in most homes, there just isn’t enough! We end up piling things on floors, over doors, and in every nook and cranny we can think of. The solution? Hinge Hanger. It connects to a basic door hinge, providing a stable and versatile structure that can support a variety of objects. Holding everything from coats, hats, and bags to ribbon, paper towels and toilet paper. It installs in seconds creating storage space behind your doors.

Please support our local businesses and share this campaign with everyone you know! Let’s put Reno on the map by executing a successful Kickstarter campaign! Go to on November 14th and click on “Pledge Now” to pledge to the project and get your own Hinge Hangers!



Hinge Hanger + LLC
18124 Wedge Parkway
Reno Nv 89511

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