The Hinge Hanger Plus is an innovative invention designed to create space. It connects to a basic door hinge, creating a stable and versatile structure that can support a variety of items.

The Hinge Hanger Plus was an idea borne out of necessity and practicality to address the need for more space in most homes.

For example, too often one stores extra toilet paper, paper towels and the like in less than convenient locations. The Hinge Hanger takes advantage of the unused vertical space behind every door in your house and can provide that extra needed storage. Why not take advantage of the strength of the door hinge of which there are many conveniently located throughout the house, garage, shop, or office. With the movement to smaller homes, it seems like the perfect way to easily and instantly create space.

So we took to innovation in design and function with the Hinge Hanger Plus that now has thousands of uses and is quickly and easily installed without damage to any door in your home, condominium or apartment. The Hinge Hanger plus can be used for anything from a closet space-saver to craft room space-creator.

Simply choose the style, finish and the locations that work best for you. Create space.


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