Welcome to Hinge Hanger’s Affiliate Program—if you have the audience we have the opportunity.
Hinge Hanger is a behind the door or on the wall storage solution.  It’s unique patented design creates space in every home, office, dorm, RV garage etc. Thousands of applications, millions of locations and one product that creates that new space opportunity. . . Hinge Hanger.
Hinge Hanger as a company believes in the power of influencers who understand their unique audience of followers.  We want to be engaged with those influencers through our affiliate program—it is a mutual business opportunity where everybody wins. 

Here is how it works: 
SIGN UP and we will send you a Hinge Hanger absolutely FREE. 
You can evaluate this product in terms of quality, design, utility and practicality for your audience.  If it makes sense then come back to us and get started as an Official Hinge Hanger Affiliate. 
BUSINESS TERMS that make this a profitable venture for all our affiliates. 
As an affiliate you will be paid a commission of 10% on the sale of Hinge Hanger which retails for $34.95.  Your account will receive funds quarterly.
You will be given a unique promotional code that your followers will use to receive the Hinge Hanger at a discounted price (10% off retail) and FREE shipping.  This gives your followers a price advantage below AMAZON.  So, you are assured of getting the sale and commission.
The typical household purchases 3+ units.  We have discovered that once the buyer receives the product and realizes how easy it is to install and all the storage advantages it affords, they order additional units.  This works well for the affiliate financially.
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